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Our brokerage, Evan James & Associates, is working hard to make the American Dream a reality for all Americans. The
very best way to achieve that dream is through home ownership at a price that everyone can afford, without sacrificing
quality. Whether you are an end consumer, a government entity, non-profit, a real estate developer or investor, we have a
home for you. We are the exclusive supplier and distributor of this high-quality, innovative, steel-framed housing for the
entire United States market. We provide an ‘off the shelf’ modular home offering open plan living accommodations with
two to four bedroom options with en-suite bathrooms, a kitchen/dining area and a variety of mezzanine space
options, as well as, generous covered terraces.

Our homes are delivered directly to your site of choice by our highly skilled third-party logistics team and include the
following: kitchen & bathroom finishes, a complete 3kW solar panel system, a high-tech security system plus one
year of free monitoring, a ductless mini-split heating/cooling system (allows temperature zone control as
needed in each individual room), a super high efficient electric tankless water heater, high-end laminate flooring and
stainless steel refrigerator/freezer combo, dishwasher, stove and range appliances. Pricing excludes sales tax,
general contracting expenses, any labor and install expenses, architectural and engineering fees, site clearing, slab
work and lot purchase.

Each home is made of high-grade steel and is protected by a galvanized coating generally accepted within the industry to last a minimum of 100 years before its first maintenance check is required. Through our highly effective galvanization process, light gauge steel profiles resist even the most humid regions, making them termite proof. They are packed with insulation, reducing energy consumption and once the housing frame is fully clad, it remains unexposed to the elements, which makes the building envelope completely watertight and airtight. All the doors and window are fitted with impact resistant glass and each home is able to withstand winds up to 180 MPH, a Category 5 hurricane (Miami-Dade rated), as well as, an EF4 tornado.

The patented, multi-layer, interlocking wall panel cladding system meets the most stringent international construction
standard criteria for thermal insulation, impact resistance, air, and water infiltration, and wind load resistance. Our
homes are also fire resistant for up to two hours and all building components are recyclable. Insulation matting is
used to fill internal wall and ceiling cavities providing thermal insulation and soundproofing.

Cosmetic cement board is used as exterior cladding and is made from high-quality rock fiber compressed with a small
quantity of organic binding agent. This produces a lightweight panel which is dimensionally stable and therefore
does not change with fluctuations in humidity or temperature. The boards are completely water repellent and
maintenance free, thus no need for siding changes over the life of the home. A wide range of external and internal
façade paint colors and textures are available and supplied to each customer’s specific requirements.

To apply for down payment assistance through our American Steel Gives program, click here. 

We believe everyone should have a chance to own the home of their dreams.

Discover the American Steel Collection

View a wide array of pictures of completed projects from around the World

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Our team is very experienced and has an in-depth skill set when it comes to building steel-framed structures. 
Our highly trained team of architects, engineers and manufacturers are able to also provide custom builds, as well.

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