CRE Owner’s Representation Division

Our brokerage has multiple Sr. Project Manager’s and Owner’s Representatives on staff with many years of experience who can adeptly and efficiently handle a large amount of projects congruently.  We work with many investors, developers, franchisees and construction clientele on their various projects, nationwide.  The purpose of this team is to look after our clients’ best interest when completing construction new builds or rehab projects.

Some of the activities our team handles include, but are not limited to are: site selection and land buyer’s brokerage representation, cost control, rezoning requests, permitting, community relations support, value engineering, team selection and procurement, budget development and oversight, schedule development and oversight, construction management oversight, FF&E procurement, project phasing and logistical planning, commissioning oversight, project closeout and punch list work.

Here are several reasons why someone may hire an Owner’s Representative:

1.) They solely represent the owner’s interests throughout the process.

2.) They objectively verify that a projects goals and timelines are being met.

3.) They focus on maintaining quality control throughout the entire process.

4.) They manage the scope of work, including any potential change orders.

5.) They provide professional conflict resolution, if any issues should arise.

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